Below you will find just some of the many services we offer. Please get in touch if there is any specific service you require not covered below, as we have a raft of tradesmen and technicians available for all manner of specialist tasks.

Storage & mooring

We have a range of storage and mooring options available including hard standing (not available for wide-beams), lower slipway pontoon and dock mooring, as well as boat shed and boatyard space (both covered and uncovered). We can also store dinghys, canoes and kayaks. For current list of rates for all of the above click here. For related service costs such as electricity and waste collection see our current price list.

Repairs & restoration

From anodes, general welding and repair services to all forms of woodwork, plumbing and electrics, we have a wealth of expertise on hand to both survey then get your craft ship shape once more. Through our on-site team and trusted network of local contractors, we can handle almost any boat maintenance and repair task. you can also access our wokshop (inductions available) to carry out work yourself. See full price list and contact us to discuss your requiremenets.

New build

We have a number of workshops where master boat builders are busy crafting away on various projects. If you’re looking to work with someone on a boat building project, are looking for a workshop space to build your own, or are simply interested in the projects that are ongoing at John’s Boat works, please do get in touch.

Tidal dock slipway

The slipway can allow narrow and broadbeam boats up to 50′ to be drawn out of the water on our trolley for service and repairs. The yard is a 5 minute cruise from the Thames Lock at the end of the Grand Union Canal. We are located close to tube, train and bus connections. Access to the island from the land is via a footbridge through a secure gate. For our latest slipway rates, click here.

Narrow boat & widebeam fit-out

Let us build your dream boat interior. We have a network of narrow boat and widebeam fit-out experts and boat interior designers on hand to make your vision a reality. Working to the highest standards for a budgets and unique requirements, we have vast experience in this field and always have projects on the go at the yard. Arrange a visit with us today and come and see for yourself.

Anodes, blacking & overplating

We recommend hull blacking every 2 to 3 years for sufficient protection. We use two coats of SML Bitumen after lifting and prewashing the hull to remove all underwater detritus. It can be a sticky job, and we recommend leaving it to the experts! We also offer an overplating service to reinforce fragile plate with fresh steel. We recommend combining the two services where necessarry to reduce costs. For blacking and anode fitting prices see our current price list.

Let’s build something