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Even the best maintained and
looked after boats will probably
need some repair or restoration
work at some time.
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Repairs & Restoration

Our highly skilled craftsmen expertly carry out all types of repair work, from the smallest rigging repair to full keel up restorations. We use traditional and modern boat building materials and techniques as appropriate to your boat, and your own personal requirements, and can include upgrades and improvements that will make spending time on your boat even more enjoyable.

Although we relish major restoration work, we fully understand that this may not always be convenient or appropriate, in which case we are able to carry out fast localised repairs so that you can continue to enjoy your boat, safe in the knowledge that it is sound and seaworthy, and that any further deterioration has been minimised. We are also happy to complete, or apply the finishing touches to any stalled or unfinished repair or restoration work.

Before commencing any work on your boat, we will provide you with a fully detailed cost estimate, timing and project plan, so that you can be assured that it will be completed to a very high standard, on time and to budget.

For more information about our repair and restoration services, or how we can help transform your ugly duckling in to a beautiful swan, call John on 07875 000465 or email us at john@johnsboatworks.com